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    Cannot get into game rooms

      After downloading IE 7, I could no longer get into a game room at pogo. I can only get to the game list. It says my java is disabled or not installed. Yet I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. I have the latest version. I have checked my security settings and tried all the pertinent questions at java.com. I cannot seem to make my pc realized that I have java.

      How do I completly remove every piece of java from my pc? If I go into search and type java.....can I delete everything that comes up?

      Has anyone had this problem? I uninstalled IE7 and went back to IE 6 and I still have the problem.

      Thank you for reading my message.

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          i am having the same issue done everything you have and cannot get the dang thing to work i do the java test on pogo and java.com pass both tests but it refuses to load the applet to let me in the rooms bets me I have the same question in my own forum question don't know what to do!!!!