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    Preventing automated java upgrades in Windows

      Hi folks,

      We will shortly be rolling applications to our WAN users based on Java5. We can't use Java6 at present as we have some 3rd party audio/video tools that break on Java6.

      We know we can disable auto-update in Control Panel-Settings-Java on a per user basis however the user is able to override that setting.

      Is there a way we can control the upgrades of java on our workstations so that the auto-update is disabled and can't be overriden?

      Thanks in advance
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          What I have recently done is delete the jusched.exe and jucheck.exe files in the bin sub directory of the installation directory for java. These files I believe to be involved with checking for updates.

          Java applications still seem to run as normal under accounts of varying roles and permissions.

          I am not too sure if the two files have other functions other than to update Java or whether it will cause problems with running certain applications.

          I have also removed the registry key that schedules jusched.exe in HKLM.

          The version of Java installed is 6 update 1, so it should tell me that there is an update but it hasn't so far. So, hopefully it's successful and the irritating pop ups imforming of an available update will no longer show itself.