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    can't install java

      when trying to install java from java.com.......I get this message reading.................Error 1606. could not acess network location
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          check this out:

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            can not install java. I've had it for years, but sent pc to repair and now, can't play any of my club pogo games. hope some one can tell me how to fix this problem. thanks
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              This problem occurs when the server is too busy or when the network is too congested to serve the file. You can retry download/install from:
              Note: Offline option is highly recommended

              Also, ensure that no anti-virus/firewall is blocking the attempt to download/install JRE. You can configure the same to ensure smooth installation.
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                cant install java took computer to circuit city & they did a full recovery
                now i cant play pogo games with out java & tried several times to
                to install it. once it gave error 1606 what can i do to reinstall it?