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    Problem upgrading Java

      I am having a problem upgrading Java. I have version 1.4.2 and when trying to upgrade I get an on screen messagae that shows it copying files but it appears stuck in this mode and doesn't finish the download. I even tried using the add/remove feature in Windows and tried to download the latest version of Java from Java.com with no success. that time it said I needed an Active X runtime file and provided a link to download that. I tried that and then, once again, it got stuck in the 'copying files" mode and didn't finish the installation. I don't have Java installed on my computer now and would like to download it but no matter what I try, it doesn't finish the installation and appears stuck in the copying files mode. I am running Windows XP on my computer. if anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to my email:

      Norman.Rackison@nstarch.com (note the period between Norman and rackison)

      Thank You

      Norm Rackison
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          Only responses I provide are to the forum.

          Go to this page and download the OFFLINE version (as opposed to the ONLINE version) of whatever it is you want.


          Note that different versions are available (see the tabs/banner), and that help downloading/installing is available from the first sentences on the page.

          If all you want to do is run existing Java programs, download the JRE.

          Once your file downloads and is saved, navigate to where you saved the file and click it to start the install.