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    Yahoo Toolbar? WTF?

      Dear Sun Developers,

      I understand that you seek for opportunities to make money. Since Java is free, you may feel that making money by integrating the Yahoo Toolbar into Java is a good idea. But it is not. Just in case you didn't see the reasons, let me share my point of view:

      I build an ERP which has to be sold to customers. I am in direkt competition to lots of other providers of similar software, and believe me, ERPs are in todays time only sold by a good feeling you can introduce in customers. Functionality is more or less mandatory since most customers just expect that the whole thing works.

      No I have to introduce myself to customers, and if they ask me, which platform I use, I always say Java and try to convince them, that the platform alone is a stategic advance to us, and so for them.

      I the customers already have Java, and Java installs the Yahoo Toolbar, the immediate impression is that its just a bunch of spyware, and that they don't want this on their company computers. This is bad for me, since I don't have any chance to get rid of the VERY bad expression Java makes in advance.

      Please don't mess with the reputation of Java anymore. Java looses market shares to .net anyway, but just don't put even more into the fire and give my customers another reason to abandon Java based apps.

      GET RID OF THE YAHOO TOOLBAR! It will pay for you in the medium and long run, definitly.

      With best regards, and the hope for change,
      Daniel Migowski
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          Thank you.
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            Amen, for the love of God please remove the toolbar (or make it opt-in instead of opt-out). Is there any way to disable the default toolbar installation?
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              anyone has found a way to automatically kill off yahoo tool bar installation from these updates?

              on another note, if this is impossible through the sun updater, is there a simple way to add confirmation in FF of adding any new addons/toolbars/junk?
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                Thank you for summing this up succinctly.


                Kindly remove the Yahoo toolbar from your Java install package. A sure way to discourage use of your product by professional developers is to spam unwelcome third-party adware to their customers.

                Thank you,

                Ryan Goodpasture
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                  I totally agree.

                  First offering to install the Yahoo! Toolbar already looks as unprofesionnal as a software installation can be, but there is absolutely no reason (from the user point of view) for this option to be checked by default !

                  I spent hours removing this kind of crapware from my non-tech-savvy friends' computers. I end up telling them not to install anything apart from a certain shared software list. Now Java [RE] isn't on that list anymmore, and that's too bad for such a good software.

                  By supporting the Java language and the associated software, you [Sun] implicitly endorse a responsibility to distribute the Runtime Environment, to help spreading cross-platform Java applications and language. I think that it is your responsibility not to use this position to make money by installing unwanted software of your users computers.
                  And, as Ryan said, I, as a Java developer, find it a huge strategic mistake too.


                  Adrien Lavoillotte
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                    I used to love both Java and Sun. Java is still my favorite programming language, but I almost uninstalled the jre and jdk after realizing that the installer had surreptitiously added a yahoo toolbar to firefox. Anyone know what else it did behind the scenes??
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                      StinkHammer wrote:
                      the installer had surreptitiously added a yahoo toolbar to firefox.
                      Just uninstall it.
                      FF -> Tools -> Add-ons -> locate the offending extension and uninstall.
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                        The Good News: The Yahoo toolbar is Gone.
                        The Bad News The MSN Toolbar is here.
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                          That certainly was the LAST thing ya wanted to do.

                          I now consider anything called "JAVA" spyware, malware and Viral.

                          You're no better than a low life theif who breaks into peoples homes.

                          I'm gonna find out about all the good things I could have had with your prog now, because I'm going to uninstall it. :)

                          Good Work!
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                            That's kinda like finding out your best friend is a prostitute hey?

                            or like that scene in The Shining where Jack kisses the woman and finds hes holding nothing but rotting flesh...

                            Where else did the toolbar go on my system? That won't be hard to fix. I have a back up reg hours old... before your treachery. And a good log of a trusted install monitor. ...Trusted? That's a word like Faithful, it is the assurance of fidelity without any visible evidence... Now ya know.

                            Reinstall of the OS is as no problem. I have'nt done that more than once in 5 years but I have a good slipstreamed WinXPP ready to go!

                            Does ur boss know what ya did? What this was your plan to get a raise or something?
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                              Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar in Firefox "Add-ons"

                              Unistall JAVA in MS add remove, or better, "MyUninstaller" and then use the "JavaRa" utility at raproducts org to pick up the left overs. I see there is a TON of JAVA still in the reg after uninstall, have to study this...

                              Yahoo Toolbar Reg keys (Use "RegScanner") in:






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                                What other forums are good for warning good and hard working people?

                                My fingers feel icky typing into a SUN site. Ick!
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                                  Dear Oracle/Sun.

                                  I fullly agree with the posting here that the Yahoo toolbar "Opt_out" was a mistake, and now just installing it!

                                  This is a breach of trust and is not acceptable.

                                  Yahoo Toolbar should not be installed without express permission from the user!

                                  I am now left feeling the JAVA platform is sealing its own fate.

                                  Please appologise and remove yahoo toolbar from the update and leave it as an "OPT IN" only installation.

                                  I understand commercial pressures may have been placed on you to do this however tell Yahoo they are killing JAVA and this relationship is no longer healthy!

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                                  added to watch list
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                                    I agree with the whole discussion. I can't figure out what rock the developers are living under.

                                    Ok, so you may take offense but let's review just the postings above - they all support this statement:

                                    a) This has been going on for over 2 years - please don't rush into any decisions quickly
                                    b) The concept of opting out is so anti-networking one who sets it up as opt-out has never managed a network
                                    c) As the discussions states, this not only embarrasses us, the programmers, but is stains Sun and now Oracle. Yet, you don't seem to care, so the level of professionalism that is being displayed by SUN is far below the community that is willing to give you constructive feedback.
                                    d) The Yahoo Toolbar is a piece of junk. If you were a programmer you'd know this and never agree to include it with your code.
                                    e) The Yahool Toolbar comes with a lot of spyware/malware, etc. Yes, this is true, despite what Yahoo tells you, if you ever managed a network you'd know that it delivers a lot of other junk. Thus, as stated, you are facilitating spyware and malware by including it. I've personally removed hundreds if not thousands of spyware and malware associated with this toolbar.

                                    These are not assumptions but real life experiences from the group that is trying to tell you a simple message: Get rid of it all together.

                                    Now, it can't get much simpler, the question is whether you heard and whether you listened.
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