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        D-B-S wrote:
        ..the question is whether you heard and whether you listened.
        Who 'you'? If you mean Sun/Oracle, and if by 'listened' you mean 'to this thread', then the answers are straight-forward. They would be "No" & "No".

        The Sun/Oracle staff do not typically trawl the forums, since the forums are aimed at developers. If you want to get heard, either raise an RFE via. the bug database (obviously checking first, if one exists), or raise a support ticket. I'm sure in the first case, you would get many votes for the RFE.

        The ball is in your court.
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          II have been using java for years. I even got certified (just programmer) in it about 10 or so years ago. I have been working on various government jobs, coding all my solutions and advocating java to various government contract with companies like Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, etc.

          Now java has been reduced to this?!?! I expect this sort of adware crap from "joe self-employed shareware", but never a large respectable corporation like Sun.

          Sun, I now see you as a used-car salesman.
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            Couldn't agree more.

            What a sneaky, stupid way to treat customers - just surreptitiously load them up with garbage
            they don't want - puts me off Java altogether, and will swerve updating next time.

            Btw, have registered with hundreds of forums in my time and this one was the most user UNfriendly
            ever. You choose a username but when it comes to login, your username is your email addy, WTF?
            And the email validation didn't work first time.
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