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    Internal Error 2753. RegUtils

      I am good at Java, I can code in it and do many things, I am especially extended in the Robot class.

      I also can install Java no problem, but this has me on my knees.

      I was installing Java, and didn't realize I put the directory to drive C:\, I stopped the installation through Task Manager by closing the process, I figured I'd re-install it to the drive I want, G:\.

      When I tried again it said Java was installed, so I went to my Control Panel to uninstall it, but it didn't let me, I figure it's because I stopped the installation and everything is all messed up now.

      If I try to re-install it, it says, "Internal Error 2753. RegUtils," and when I try to uninstall it it says, "Internal Error 2753. RegUtils," the same error with a pop up saying, "Fatal error during installation."

      So I'm stuck here, unable to uninstall it or re-install it, and it isn't functional either.

      Internal Error 2753. RegUtils picture - http://imagenerd.com/uploads/27530RYo.bmp
      Fatal error during installation picture - http://imagenerd.com/uploads/fatal9Or3.bmp

      Any suggestions?
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          Not a solution, but re-iteration of the problem.

          Today I installed JRE 6v10. Everything went well. As usual, I tried to uninstall the previous version JRE 6v7, but I had the same error, namely
          "Internal Error 2753 RegUtils".

          I am unable to uninstall version 6v7.

          Any pointers appreciated.
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            I am not familar with an Internal Error 2753 during uninstall.
            An MSI log for the error during uninstall would be helpful.
            For Java(TM) 6 Update 7, run "MsiExec.exe /I{3248F0A8-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0160070} /lv* 6u7MSI.log", and zip up 6u7MSI.log.

            You may want to try the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" to remove Java(TM) 6 Update 7, and if that works then remove the C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\ directory.

            Sun Microsystems
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              I'm really hoping for a fix for this problem ASAP. I have deployed Java 6 Update 7 to 4000+ machines via Active Directory Group Policy in a Corporate environment and am now unable to remove this version of Java because of this error. The policy just loops on startup trying to remove this version.

              Obviously, I can't use the msicleanup tool on all of the machines. A proper fix\patch or update would be greatly appreciated.


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                I understand that the "Internal Error 2753 RegUtils" is occurring during uninstall version 6u7 after 6u10 is installed.
                What are the install directories for 6u7 and for 6u10?

                A verbose MSI log of the failing uninstall on one of the machines would help. (see previous post)

                Internal Error 2753 could be caused by a mis-matched version of RegUtils.dll
                Please compare the version strings for <JRE INSTALL DIR>\bin\regutils.dll and <JRE INSTALL DIR>\bin\java.exe.

                Making sure the proper version regutils.dll is there is my first suggestion.
                If that doesn't help, the verbose MSI log may say what call is failing.
                The workaround may be to either delete regutils.dll and uninstall, or use the command line program msizap (installed and used by Windows Installer Clean Up).
                Either of these workarounds may leave behind benign 6u7 registry entries.

                Java Deployment engineering team
                Sun Microsystems
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                  Thank You. It Works. http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Windows-Installer-CleanUp-Utility-Download-18442.html
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                    Here is a URL for a Microsoft site for the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility: [http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301]

                    Java Deployment engineering team
                    Sun Microsystems
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                      hey dude i have the same prob but since i got that problem i havent been able to install nothing, not even this clean up thingy that u are tellin that person to use idk wat else to do...... when u write back if u want u can do it to my email : bluedemonde@hotmail.com
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                        I am having the same problem. I cannot run the Windows Cleanup Utility and I cannot reinstall Java due to this error.
                        Any other suggestions. I am dead in the water here.
                        Thank you.
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                          I have same situation as BodgerAndBadger, I can't use the msicleanup tool on all of the machines. Did anyone found fix in this problem?

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                            I finally got the problem beat. What I did was go to c:progamfiles/java/jre and deleted all the files in that folder. However I was not able to delete the "bin" file. No matter what I did with MY computer, I did not have permission to delete that damn file. So I did the next best thing, I changed the name of the file. I renamed the bin file to "unbin". Then I went back to java.com and downloaded from there. Bottabing. flawless installation. working just fine. I am pretty good with computers and such, but I know nothing about JAVA so understand that I am no expert. But this worked for me. Good luck all.
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                              I had similar problem in uninstalling IBM License Server and the Windows Installer Cleanup utility worked like a charm.
                              Thanks a lot for your post.
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                                Having problems reinstalling java on win7 64 bit os ,browser both 32 amd 64 bit, after downloading ,during install error message comes up"Internal Error 2753. RegUtils.dll " this comes up during the atempted removel of the the java have tried everything deleteing from c drive , cant do add or remove on it it casny find file path. version jre 6 is there but its not working tried the windows install program, still same error any suggestions
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                                  Brian - please let me know if you ever get an answer to this problem.

                                  Sun Microsystems, please fix this problem. I've spent all day trying to figure this out and I'm spent! If I don't walk away from this, I'm afraid I wont have a computer to worry about.

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                                    Hi , Bad news , got a really good tech guy to look at it, he was able to get the 64 bit vesion insatllaed but not the 32 bit, he tried everything but even he was afraid to go near the deep reg lists, so i had to back up everything and do a total reinstall of win 7, and it works fine, and the pc is onlt 3 months old, but i feel i should not have had to do that but had no choice,the tech guy said it was probably something to do with a file in the reg that cannot be overwritten, tried sun but not worth it, best bet is get some cd roms check your computer manual about backing up your files and the system and reinsatll good luck may the force be with you......
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