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    JDK 1.6 silent install -- what are ALL the parameters?

      Where can I (we) find a list of ALL* the paramters that can be passed to the JDK installer for a silent install? I would like to have the reference information for windows installer and the installers for other platforms. This information can be starting wiht JDK 1.6 u17 and later.

      The install notes show some examples but NOT all of the parameters. For example, INSTALLDIRPUBJRE is noted in the installation notes, but no parameter to control where the JDK is to be installed. (Without such a parameter, on Windows in gets installed into the "Program Files"\Java directory. I want to control the name for both the public JRE AND the JDK.

      Rationale: In planning a standard installation for applications that depend on Java, I would like to be able to update to newer versions of the JDK (and JRE) without changing the paths to the jdk and jre directories.

      Any and all help will be appreciated -- but BEST OF ALL would be a standard JDK release policy from Sun (Oracle) that always includes all of the parameters.


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