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    Java Update Scheduler compatibility issues with Vista


      I installed the latest version of Java(TM) 6 Update 21 from the java.com website that is compatible for my Windows Vista 32 bit O/S, and when I rebooted my machine, a dialog window 'Program Compatibility Assistant' appeared as shown below:

      Program Compatibility Assistant

      This program has known compatibility issues

      Program: Sun Java Scheduler
      Publisher: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      Location: c:\program files\common files\java\java update\jusched.exe

      Sun Java Scheduler is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more information, contact Sun Microsystems, Inc.

      This message has a box below with a tickable box 'Don't show this message again' and 3 buttons: Check for solutions online, Run program, and Cancel. I clicked Cancel to close it, ran msconfig and noticed in the startup tab, there is a jusched.exe that is listed and checked.

      I went in control panel and opened the java control panel, and in the update tab, I unchecked the 'Check for updates automatically' box, and clicked apply and OK. After I rebooted my machine, the window still appears. Jusched.exe is still listed in the startup tab in msconfig/startup and checked. I checked in the java control panel/update tab, and the 'Check for updates automatically box' is unchecked as I had set it. Note that I am using the sole administrator account on my machine.

      I know that I can uncheck the box next to jusched.exe in msconfig/startup to remove the message upon system startup, or even tick the box next to 'Do not show this message again' in the window itself so that it does not reappear on successive machine startups, but that is not the point. It seems there is a bug with your program. Actually, there are 2 problems. The 1st being jusched.exe is not compatible with Vista, and the 2nd being that unchecking the 'Check for updates automatically' box in java control panel/update tab does not stop jusched.exe from running on successive startups (it remains listed and checked in msconfig/startup tab). I am posting this for all the users worldwide who installed Java on a Windows Vista O/S and have seen this message on system startup.

      I have also right clicked jusched.exe and selecting Properties, Compatibility tab, and checking the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2', clicked apply & OK and rebooted, but it made no difference, the dialog window still appears.

      When the dialog appears, I have also tried clicking 'Check for solutions online', but after a few seconds, a window appears that tells me to contact Sun Microsystems, Inc.. If I click 'Run program', the program supposedly runs and fortunately no other error message appears. If I recall correctly, the dialog window closes after this.

      While hopefully awaiting for a solution, patch, or future release with this error resolved from you, since clicking 'Run program' did not produce any other errors, I will assume it runs correctly, so I have clicked the 'Don't show this message again' box and the window no longer appears on system startup. I read about a similar issue on your website where the java control panel may have vista compatibility issues and if this happens, the operation to perform was to check 'This control panel works correctly' so the dialog does not reappear again next time (see below):


      Thank you.

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