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    MFL transformation


      i have imported an MFL in my osb project and when i test it it works fine...but when i use the same mfl file in the message flow of proxy service and test it with the same date with which i tested the MFL resource floowing error occurs...kindly hwlp me out witha soloution or tell me what I m doing wrong

      <con:fault xmlns:con="http://www.bea.com/wli/sb/context">
      Binary to XML mfl transformation failed for the MFL Resource mfl_try/hi : Input to non-xml to xml mfl transformation is invalid.
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          I am also facing the same issue. When I test the MFL in Format Tester it works fine, however when I plug it in the OSB Message Flow I am getting the Binary to MFL Transformation error.

          Can somebody please let me know if I am missing anything.