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    Invalid Payee Id (Iby_20305)  While Processing Transaction

      iStore gives this error while submitting order. I am looking for solution for 11i. There is one on metalink,

      Invalid Payee Id (Iby_20305) While Processing Transaction

      There was no active payee for current operating unit. Payee associated with the operating unit was marked inactive. A new payee was created for a new payment system and this payee does not have any operating unit attached.

      1. Go into the responsibility: Funds Capture Setup Admin
      2. Navigate to Payee
      3. Associate Operating Unit with the payee
      4. Retest the issue.
      5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

      There is no 'Funds Capture Setup Admin' responsibility on 11i. Appreciate if somebody could guide how to associate payee to operating unit on 11i.