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    Installing FDM

      I have installed Planning and Essbase on my machine a few days ago. I now want to install FDM. So I downloaded the files, pasted the assembly files in the folder with the other assembly files for Essbase, Planning etc. and tried to run the install tool. I got some errors and when checking the error logs for the install tool, I noticed that checks for most HFM components failed. Here is a sample:

      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\biplus_financial_reporting_client\\assembly.dat... Ok
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\biplus_interactive_reporting_services\\assembly.dat... Ok
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\tools\\assembly.dat... Ok
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\hpm... Not exists
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\biplus_financial_reporting_webapp\\assembly.dat... Ok
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\hfm_client... Not exists
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assemblies\biplus_migration_utility\\assembly.dat... Ok
      C:\Documents and Settings\.......\assembliesessbaseAddins\\assembly.dat... Ok

      So my question is: first of all, am I going about the right way to do the install? Secondly, I take it I need HFM to be able to install FDM ? Is that correct, or is my error due to something else? any help would be appreciated, thanks.
      ps: Also are there any other prerequisites for installing FDM?

      and lastly, is there a good installation guide for FDM out there?
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          Hello EssbaseApprentice,

          I will answer your questions briefly. Please do not take the brevity of this post negatively.

          1. Yes you are going about it correctly from what I can tell.
          2. FDM requires nothing other than the common components and foundation assemblies. It does not require HFM. So you are incorrect on this statement.
          3. Your errors aren't "errors" ... they are just simply telling you the assembly files for those items are missing. You would have had this before when you installed Essbase as at that point (due to your own admission) the FDM assemblies were then missing.
          4. Prerequesits for products to be installed (and the required assemblies) are all noted in the EPM installation documentation. It will tell you which files to download and extract. To make it simple: do everything.

          Hopefully this helps,
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            Thank you...one of the issues was that the assemblies was in a folder within a folder. I fixed it and apparently it installed successfully as did ERP Integrator.

            Now for a really silly question: When I goto Start -.Programs-> EPM System I dont see any menu item for FDM. There is a menu item for ERPI and but all it does is give me two options: Start aif and Stop aif. Am I missing something here?
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              And another question is: Do I absolutely HAVE to have IIS 6.0 running ?
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                Yes, IIS 6 is required for all versions of FDM. Windows 2008 is only supported for 11.1.2 and it requires that you install the IIS6 Metabase for FDM Compatibility.
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                  Hello EssbaseApprentice,

                  If you sucessfully installed FDM you would see a Start Menu folder for them.
                  I would suspect that something didn't install, or did not install correctly and therefore the menu items were not generated.

                  And yes, IIS 6 (for Windows 2003) or IIS 7 (Windows 2008) is required. I would suggest at this point that you completely read the documentation so you can understand the requirements of the software before you continue forward.

                  Thank you,
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                    Please let me know what have you done to install ERP Integrator as I'm facing the same issue.

                    Many thanks,