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    NT Authentication & oo4o OpenDatabase method

      I just set up my server and client to use NT Authentication (by using Oracle8i Administrator's Guide
      Release 2 (8.1.6) for Windows NT
      Chapter 8 'Authenticating Database Users with Windows' @

      It all works fine when connecting with Oracle admin tools or SQL*Plus.

      The problem comes when trying to get my existing VB app that uses oo4o to connect to the database. Here's my old code:

      Set OraSession = New OracleInProcServer.OraSessionClass
      Set OraDB = OraSession.OpenDatabase("net8service", "user/password", 0)

      I tried about 100 diff variations (including "") for the username and password but I can't seem to get the connect to work.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.