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    Please Acknowledge message

      I have looked all over on this message board and cannot find a solution. I have several forms developed that when-button-pressed or when-new-form-instance or when-new-block-instance trigger is fired (any trigger for that matter) an informative modal dialog window titled just "Forms" pops up with a single "OK" button with the message "Please Acknowledge message" inside. It has a Frm-42400 error in the console line with a message "Performing event-trigger such-in-such" which in the on-line help tells me that no action is necessary. It is a level >25 message which I believe in the on-line help says cannot be suppressed. I cannot believe that this meesage cannot be suppressed somehow. I have tried using the :system.message_level variable set to each of the recognized values(0,5,10,15,20,25). I have also tried the on_error triggers. It does this running in debug as well as client-server mode. Nothing works. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed that will turn this message off? I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.