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    IllegalStateException: getAttribute: Session already invalidated

      I've a strange problem with my web application:
      - I have a JSP page wich shows some data, and this is ok
      - then from this main JSP page I launch a popup window (opened with window.showModalDialog()) and "sometimes" I get the following exception

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: getAttribute: Session already invalidated
           at org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession.getAttribute(StandardSession.java:975)
           at org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSessionFacade.getAttribute(StandardSessionFacade.java:113)

      when I say "sometimes" it means that If I restart the server then the error "may" not occur, but when it happens I get this error for every popup window opened from every client.

      - then if I close the popup (which is empty because of the error) and I use the main JSP page then everything is ok, so the session is still alive.

      I tried to sniff the HTTP calls and the exchanged JSESSIONID is correct.

      My browser is Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2, the server is JBoss+Tomcat (error occurs with versions 4.X and 5.X of Tomcat).

      Any idea?