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    Purchase requisition forward option

      I am working on 11 version
      created requisition hierarchy, which has lets say 5 level of approval, first 4 level does not have any approval limit assigned, so document should go to the top level(who has approval limit as unlimited) and so can approve the document.
      Now at some mid level, lets say 3rd user, want to forward requisition document to someone outside this assigned hierarchy to UserX.
      so User3 selects UserX in forward to field and forward it, but no notification goes to UserX here.
      there are two cases now, If i set UserX approval limit as less than the document price, then notification comes as "No Approver found"
      if I set UserX approval limit as Unlimited, he gets notification and as soon as he approves it, status of requisition becomes Approved.

      what i want is

      Approval Hierarchy: User1>User2>User3>User4>User5

      if user3 sends it to UserX then once approved by UserX it shud come back to User3 and then should follow the hierarchy.
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          You mentioned Approval Hierarchy: User1>User2>User3>User4>User5

          When User3 forwarded to UserX for approval, as a standard functionality System will check the approval limit of User-X.. If it is not within the approval limit then system will mention as "no approver found" and WF won't return to User3 level, it will stuck there at UserX.. If it is within the User-X's approval limit, then system will Approve it.. Why you again want to see the normal approval path after tampereing/Forwarding to someone in between?

          Your normal approval path was User1>User2>User3>User4>User5, and you tampered/forwarded to UserX after you reach approval step at User3 .. then there is a deviation in normal approval path, system will now follow User1>User2>User3>UserX approval path.. If you are looking for a Parallel approval then only AME can help..

          Hope it helps.

          S.P DASH
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            thanks for your reply, it seems AME have to be used.
            to answer why i need this, consider this business scenerio
            Lets say requestor raises PR and sends it to his manager to verify the details, manager then sends it to budget team to verify budget, they send it to HOD for final approval.
            this was default hierarchy.
            Now lets say budget team wants to discuss the case with HR for some requisition(Exception) here comes forward option handy, and budget team forwards it to HR team(who is not in default hierarchy) gets the feedback, and then decides whether to approve or reject and then it follows again the same hierarchy i.e. goes to HOD

            In case if i use approval limit, it is destined to end at the point i send it to HR,
            coz case1: they have approval limit less than the PR amount, it ends with "No approver found"
            Case2: They have approval limit more than the PR amount, it ends with Approved status.

            So how do i go with AME in this case? just install AME and use "Purchase_req" seeded "Approval transaction type"
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              any update on this issue? its kind of screwing me big time :(
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                just to update, Its not possible to forward using forward-to button, if we use approval hierarchy(strange and doesnt make any sense, but this is what oracle ppl says) or mayb in 11 it is nt there because i tried in 12 and it works.