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    I'm doing a project for school (3rd year Applied Computer Science, course Network Programming), in which I have to build a simple web browser.
    I played around with JEditorPane, but I doesn't quite handle some HTML well (such as I searched the web, and found the calpa.html package, which is quite good, but cannot handle CSS (which is one of the requirements). Other packages such as IceHTML aren't free, so that's not an option either.
    Does anyone have any pointers for how on how to handle this?

    Thanks in advance!
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        download IECanvas and embed IE?
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          download IECanvas and embed IE?
          Yeah, I considered that option, but our teacher's laptop is running Linux, and I don't think he'd like it that we're making our Java program platform-dependant... thanks for the info though! greatly appreciated!
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            From what I've seen, there's no solution that:

            a) is 100% pure Java
            b) is open source or otherwise free
            c) completely supports HTML 4.x, CSS 1&2 and EMCAScript (Javascript)

            I would look around and maybe you'll find something close enough.
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              Thanks! I guess HTML will have to do... I'll put in some extras in the browser to hide the fact it cannot handle CSS :).