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    JinternalFrame, Maximize

      hi ,

      i have a problem with JInternalFrame, i have an application where i am using JDesktopPane and adding JinternalFrames. when i maximize the InternalFrame in the DesktopPane and try to close from the DefaultcloseOperation option, some times it is giving Exception occurred during event dispatching:
      at javax.swing.DefaultDesktopManager.maximizeFrame(DefaultDesktopManager.java);

      and this behavior is inconsistent and i tried with all the options but i could not solve it.

      can any one help me!

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          i used to get this error whenever i closed the internalframe the second time, i mean the first time there is no error but when i open it again and close it, i get the exception error, this was due to collection of undisposed objects (the frames), check if you are destroying the obejct of the internalframe when u close it.