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    32bit Dev machine and 64bit deployment machine


      I'm currently developing and maintaining a Java Web-App from a 32 bit Windows/Intel machine, and the .war build from it is then deployed on a separate 32 bit Windows 2003 Server machine, specifically within a Tomcat container.

      Since the application processing and memory needs are growing quite fast, I have ordered a new server, which will be running on a 64bit quad core with about 12GB ram, and a 64Bit OS.

      This has raised the following question:

      Do I simply build my .war files on my current machine (32bit way) and they will remain compatible on the new 64 bit server? Do they remain "efficient"?

      If not, how can I then compile 64bit .wars in my current 32bit dev machine?

      ... Or, is the world even simplier as I imagine?

      Thanks for your support

      Best regards