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    Why my java-gj.jar can't parse the java file under JDK6?

      The problem occurred occassionally under JDK1.6.

      Identifier.create(String, String) line: 128 // here, the fullname is "String", which should be "java.lang.String".
      Identifier.create(String, String, int) line: 135
      V8TreeTranslator.createIdentifier(Tree, boolean) line: 685
      V8TreeTranslator.createType(Tree) line: 595
      V8TreeTranslator._case(Tree$MethodDef) line: 380
      Tree$MethodDef.visit(Tree$Visitor) line: 460
      V8TreeTranslator._case(Tree$ClassDef) line: 303
      Tree$ClassDef.visit(Tree$Visitor) line: 407
      V8TreeTranslator._case(Tree$TopLevel) line: 188
      Tree$TopLevel.visit(Tree$Visitor) line: 344
      V8TreeTranslator.process(Tree$TopLevel) line: 94
      ParserEngine.completeRequest(Tree$TopLevel, char[], ParseObjectRequest) line: 359
      ParserEngine.parseObject(ParseObjectRequest) line: 175
      JavaParserEngine.process(ParseObjectRequest) line: 72

      Who have the source code of java-gj.jar, can you share it to me for the further investigation? Thank you very much!