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    Performance Issues with JDI


      I have written a small application using JDI in which I have added MethodEntryRequest and MethodExitRequest for certain classes. Now I am facing 2 issues

      1) There is considerable drop in the performance of the target application because of my EventRequest. If page used to come up in 3 seconds now it takes almost 3 minutes. I don't know what am doing wrong here.
      2) I can see lot of duplication invocation of both MethodEntryRequest and MethodExitRequest.

      Can some one please help me on this? This is very urgent.

      Thanks for help in advance
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          Hi Dhananjay,

          It is always important to define the Exclusion filter.
          Normally the exclusion filter is for Java packages
          Sample Exclusion filter
          private final String[] excludes = { "java.*", "javax.*", "sun.*",*
          *"com.sun.*" };
          This will not have entry exit event for methods in the java packages.