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    InvocationException on debugger side but no exception thrown in debuggee

      Hi Folks,
      in my current project we develop a debugger-like tool. In the tools workflow we call a method of the debuggee via "invokeMethod()" which triggers the debuggee vm to load a class via "loadClass()". When we try to load a class which extends a class from an external library (which was not added to the classpath) then an "InvocationException" is thrown in the debugger (cause: "Exception occurred in target VM"). But when I have a look into the console output of the target VM no exception message can be found. If I call loadClass() directly within the program then Exception "NoClassDefFoundError" is thrown and can be found within the programs console output.

      Does anybody have an idea why this exception does not appear within the console output when the debugger is used?

      Thanks for your help.

      Best Regards