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    jdb monitor option

      Hello everyone!

      I have a program that starts and then just stops without giving me any output to the console. The problem is that I have no access to its source code. More precisely, it is a javaws :) which I use in a specific context.

      So what I would like is to get its stack trace at the moment when it stops, so that I would get some info about why it just exits.

      I try to use jdb. I saw a very interesting command that jdb has:
      monitor <command> -- execute command each time the program stops

      The problem is that I don't understand how to use it! What can <command> be? I tried:
      monitor ls
      monitor wherei
      and got no output; javaws still exits and jdb terminates with the (normal) message:
      The application exited
      The manual is also not so helpful - it details the usage of breakpoints etc. but not the usage of monitor.

      Does anyone have any idea?