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    Loading standard HTML javadocs

      Hi all
      I'm a newbie with javadoc APIs, so please excuse my possibly naive question.
      My code has to extract and use a javadoc information from existing html javadocs, created by standard javadoc tool. For example, I have to extract from javadocs what is the class description - content of
      <!-- ======== START OF CLASS DATA ======== -->
      *** some text ***
      and using it in my code.
      The most obvious approach is just searching for appropriate .html file, loading it as a String and parsing it, using any of regexp implementation (say, java.util.regexp).
      However, I suppose I'm not the 1st facing this problem.
      Very may be, com.sun.tools.doclets.formats.html.* allows loading/reading of HTML files created by it (despite I didn't find it yet). Does it?
      Or, may be, there are any open sources doing it (in case there are number of such projects I'd be glad to use BSD or Apache licensed one)?

      Greatly appreciating any inputs,

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