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    New warnings with JDK 1.5:  @param argument "<tt><i>object</i></tt>" is not

      Hi --

      I'm new to this forum. In fact, I'm quite new to javadoc!

      We needed to switch to JDK 1.5 (we were at JDK 1.3). It seems that the javadocs are still building, but now I'm getting hundreds of new errors, which look like this:

      warning - @param argument "<tt><i>object</i></tt>" is not a parameter name.

      If I remove the <tt><i> formatting items, the error goes away. I'm trying to understand if I should ignore the warnings, go into the source files and remove all the formatting items, or maybe suppress all the warnings?

      I am also trying to find some information about what sort of formatting is allowed in what parts of the java comments that are the source for the output docs. I guess some formatting is allowed in the regular textual descriptions that occur inside the <p></p> parts of the comments. But, maybe those same formatting items upset javadoc when they are in @params descriptions or elsewhere?

      Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.