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    Couple of questions about javadoc

      I have those two problems :

      1) I would like class paths to not be displayed inside the methods parameters type.
      For example, textReplace(java.lang.String newString, java.lang.String oldString), i'd like it to be displayed as textReplace(String newString, String oldString).

      2) The tag @version doesn't seem to be working on my computer, the comment @version %I%, %G%, supposed to show a version number and a date, results in Version: %I%, %G% , is there any way to fix it?

      Thanks for help,

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          Hi Nite,

          1) One way to do this is to turn the names into links, you can do this with the -link option. Point it to the JDK api folder and the standard classes will be turned into links into the those folders, and the links don't have the package prefix. e.g. javadoc -link http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/

          2) I have no idea, I've never seen those options.

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            Thanks Bob, first problem is now fixed.

            Still have troubles with @version tag.
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              %I%, %G% variables work only in the SCCS source code control system, which is the one Sun uses.

              You would have to use the variables that your source code control system provides.

              The syntax about @version is found on this page:

              which says:
              The Java Software convention for the argument to the @version tag
              is the SCCS string "%I%, %G%", which converts to something like
              "1.39, 02/28/97" (mm/dd/yy) when the file is checked out of SCCS.

              Here, "Java Software" means the Java division of Sun Microsystems.