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    Netbeans yDoc error


      Working with Netbeans 6.1 and Javadoc I need to exclude some methods from being documented so I´m using yDoc Doclet.
      My problem is that if I add yDoc options to "Additional Javadoc options" there are some java classes that aren´t documented, javadoc doesn´t include these clases in the final documentation.

      The expression I use in Additional Javadoc Options is : -docletpath "C:\ydoc-3.0_01-jdk1.5\lib\ydoc.jar" -doclet ydoc.doclets.YStandard -resourcepath "C:\ydoc-3.0_01-jdk1.5\resources" -filterpath "C:\ydoc-3.0_01-jdk1.5\lib\ydoc.jar" -filter ydoc.filters.ExcludeFilter

      What can be the reason why some classes aren´t documented?