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    Some n00b questions about Javadoc and PDF and MIFDoclet

      Hello All,

      I have been trying for some time now to generate a PDF document using the MIF Doclet.

      I am doing this through IBM Rational Software Architect (a broken version of eclipse for those of you who aren't aquainted), but essentially this feature works as it does in Eclipse.

      My problem is I choose the "Generate Javadoc" option, set the Javadoc command to a local install of Java 1.4.2, set the custom doclet to be MIF Doclet and choose the packages I would like to generate Javadoc for.

      I go to the next screen and put in the "Extra Javadoc options" text field
      -d C:\Rory\Javadoc\MIF
      -print pdf

      It generates a bunch of MIF files, some styles in the resources dir, and in the fm dir some default looking thins (print-pdf.fm and so on), but the PDF directory is empty, and there is not an api.pdf to be foudn anywhere.

      So here come the n00b questions..\

      What are MIF files? I can't open them and they don't seem very useful (I am obviously missing something)

      Do I need to run a batch job or something to get my PDF to print?

      I got one api.pdf to produce yesterday, but cannot seem to replicate it again, and it appeared in my RSA install directory (I assume cause this waqs the base working dir), so it appear it should work, but I'm just not doing it right.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.