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    Accuracy of Decompiler?


      I would like to enhance one swing application for which I got only JAR files of that application. I would like to use JAD Java Decompiler for that purpose. Can I succeed in this process? What are the challenges I may face in this process? Can I compile and get a class file for a decompiled java file with out loosing the original functionality?

      Could any one please advice on the same?


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          Yes, you could succeed with decompilation. Jad is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, Jad is no longer maintained (last release is jad1.5.8g) and not all code constructions could be decompiled (or decompiled correctly).

          I've developed a small tool improving Jad decompilation results. It's easy to use - just process the classes with it before running Jad. More info on jadretro.sf.net site...