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    gprof'ing a JVMTI-based profiler

      I have a JVMTI profiler written in C++. I have compiled my native C++ code with -pg option to enable profiling of the JVMTI profiler. However I get a crash while running my profiler as:
      java '-agentlib:JPIBootLoader=<agentLibName>:server=<mode>;<agentName>' <javaClassFile>
      dbx <javaExe> <coredump>
      coredump(??) at 0x900000000292d9c
      j9dump_create() at 0x90000000053c768
      doSystemDump() at 0x90000000059ee08
      protectedDumpFunction() at 0x90000000059f498
      j9sig_protect() at 0x90000000053aacc
      runDumpFunction() at 0x9000000005a0b7c
      triggerDumpAgents_26_25() at 0x9000000005b14d8
      abortHandler() at 0x9000000005b6198
      pthread_kill(??, ??) at 0x900000000426310
      praise(??) at 0x900000000425b88
      raise.raise(??) at 0x90000000002aa2c
      abort() at 0x90000000008dc04
      masterSynchSignalHandler() at 0x90000000053add0
      .() at 0x0
      jitPPCHandler() at 0x9000000004dddd4
      structuredSignalHandler() at 0x9000000004de54c
      masterSynchSignalHandler() at 0x90000000053ad34
      .() at 0x0
      Agent_OnLoad(0x11002a1a8, 0x1101911b6, 0x0) at 0x900000000dc73c0
      loadAgentLibrary() at 0x900000000d05e78
      jvmtiStartup.J9VMDllMain() at 0x900000000d065e4
      runJ9VMDllMain() at 0x9000000004c49ac
      pool.pool_do() at 0x9000000004ccd84
      runInitializationStage() at 0x9000000004c7dc8
      protectedInitializeJavaVM() at 0x9000000004c4508
      j9sig_protect() at 0x90000000053aacc
      initializeJavaVM() at 0x9000000004c9ed8
      jniinv.JNI_CreateJavaVM() at 0x9000000004f8620
      jvm.JNI_CreateJavaVM() at 0x900000000499d7c
      redirector.JNI_CreateJavaVM() at 0x900000000488030
      InitializeJVM(??, ??) at 0x1000047f4
      main(0x3, 0xffffffffffff2e8) at 0x1000025f8

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

      In general, how do I profile a JVMTI profiler itself? My JVMTI profiler is written in C++. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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