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    How to get an object relating to its native methods.

      I have a problem on how to get jobject which has the native method being executed by the current thread.

      I want to intercept notify/notifyAll methods which are implemented as native in Object class
      in order to get object reference, jobject, implementing these methods.

      For example,
      synchronized(obj2) {
      I am interested on the above code.

      Here, I want to know the reference to the object obj2 when the current thread is about to execute and exit the method notify().

      I tried to call GetFrameLocation and GetLocalVariableTable functions when METHOD_EXIT or METHOD_ENTER events give me the method name "notify" or "notifyAll".
      I know that the referece of "this" object can be obtained by calling GetLocalVaraiblTable with frame 0 and slot 0.
      But, GetLocalVariableTable functions does not provide information about native method.

      Could you tell me how to solve this problem.

      Thanks in advance

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