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    heapTracker.c using java_crw_demo related quesiton

      Hi All,

      Disclamier:I'm very new to C and many concepts like shared library etc...

      I'm experimenting with heapTracker agent shipped with jdk1.5.0_13, would anyone please tell me the steps to build the heapTracker agent from the heapTracker.c source?I'm very confused now, becuase in java_crw_demo folder, I can't see something like java_crw_demo.dll, so do I need to build that myself as well?Bascially, would anyone please tell me how could I get the heapTracker agent up and running assuming that I have the heapTracker.h, heapTracker.c, java_crw_demo.h and java_crw_demo.c files?

      Thank you for any help you could provide.