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        Misev wrote:
        jschell, relax man ;-)
        Misev, learn "man"....forum policy forbids resurrecting old threads.
        fishon, there's a switch to the jvm to increase the stack size, check
        this for example (though it didn't work for me, probably because I actually get the exception in Scala).
        Experience, which I have, suggests that the causes for this error are
        1. They have recursive code that NEVER terminates. This is the most likely cause.
        2. They have created a recursive method unintentionally.
        3. They have recursive code with works for a smaller test and doesn't for a larger. In many cases they want to do a much larger test. Least likely.

        In cases 1 and 2 your suggestion will not help at all. In case 3 it might help but only if the following is true
        1. They have a test case that is only slightly bigger.
        2. There is only one test case and there will never be any others (future ones will not be bigger.)
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          @All who are resurrecting threads.

          Please, don't resurrect old threads. Start a new thread if you have a specific question. I'm locking this zombie.

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