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    Problem with getting a service ticket - ignoring host name?

      I've been struggling with this for several weeks on and off. The latest issue I have, is that when I try to obtain a service ticket it replaces the hostname I use with the ip address of the server. This then results in a 'Server not found in Kerberos database' exception.
          public static void main(String args[]) {
              try {
                  org.ietf.jgss.Oid[] desiredMechs = new org.ietf.jgss.Oid[1];
                  desiredMechs[0] = new org.ietf.jgss.Oid("1.2.840.113554.1.2.2");
                  GSSManager manager = GSSManager.getInstance();
                  GSSName clientName = manager.createName("MontgomeryB@LAB2K.NET", GSSName.NT_USER_NAME);
                  GSSCredential clientCreds = manager.createCredential( GSSCredential.INITIATE_ONLY);
                  GSSCredential clientCred = manager.createCredential(clientName,
                  8 * 3600, desiredMechs[0], GSSCredential.INITIATE_ONLY);
                 GSSName serverName = manager.createName("*HTTP@poe3b.lab2k.net*", GSSName.NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE);
      Entered Krb5Context.initSecContext with state=STATE_NEW
      Service ticket not found in the subject
      Credentials acquireServiceCreds: same realm
      Using builtin default etypes for default_tgs_enctypes default etypes for default_tgs_enctypes: 3 1 23 16 17.
      CksumType: sun.security.krb5.internal.crypto.RsaMd5CksumType
      EType: sun.security.krb5.internal.crypto.ArcFourHmacEType
      KrbKdcReq send: kdc=labad2.lab2k.net UDP:88, timeout=30000, number of retries =3, #bytes=1276
      KDCCommunication: kdc=labad2.lab2k.net UDP:88, timeout=30000,Attempt =1, #bytes=1276
      KrbKdcReq send: #bytes read=92
      KrbKdcReq send: #bytes read=92
      KDCRep: init() encoding tag is 126 req type is 13
               sTime is Mon Jul 26 12:07:34 EDT 2010 1280160454000          suSec is 65057          error code is 7          error Message is Server not found in Kerberos database          realm is LAB2K.NET          sname is *HTTP/*          msgType is 30 KrbException: Server not found in Kerberos database (7)
      Thanks - Bryan.