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    AD Integration


      I am using SPNEGO filter in one of the project for AD authentication. Application is deployed in Linux. Initially I configured mentioning user id and password in web.xml (No keytab). After configuring, I was able to access the application with Basic Authentication popup. But suddenly after sometime, I started getting following exception. Not sure what went wrong. Any help will be greately appreciated

      *'''KrbException: Integrity check on decrypted field failed (31)*
      at sun.security.krb5.internal.crypto.DesCbcEType.decrypt(DesCbcEType.java:154)'''

      If I use keytab, I am getting following error. I am working for the first time in AD and clueless.

      *'''2010-04-16 16:03:07,370 INFO [STDOUT] Key for the principal UserID@REALM not available in /opt/apps/obcbs/obdsmq-zd6.keytab*

      *2010-04-16 16:03:07,370 INFO [STDOUT] [Krb5LoginModule] authentication failed.'''*

      Please please help. Struggling with this for last 4/5 days. Your valuable suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,