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    'configuration file does not specify default realm'


      I am using below solaris 10 OS version:

      [root@nlxsl009 ~]$ cat /etc/release
      Solaris 10 5/09 s10s_u7wos_08 SPARC
      Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
      Use is subject to license terms.
      Assembled 30 March 2009

      The Kerberos version available on our Solaris 10 OS is: MIT Kerberos V5.

      I had installed the Kerberos from the instruction given at MIT Kerberos site but getting following error:
      'configuration file does not specify default realm'.

      I tried to configure my KDC but it seems my Kerberos was not installed properly.
      Can you refer any site from where I can properly install Kerberos from Solaris10 OS DVD?

      Thanks and Regards
      Anand Deshmane

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