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      • 15. Re: Cross Realm Authentication using NEGOTIATE protocol (SPNEGO) failed

        We are trying to setup the cross realm and we are getting the same error

        "KrbException: Message stream modified (41)
        at sun.security.krb5.KrbKdcRep.check(KrbKdcRep.java:48)
        at sun.security.krb5.KrbTgsRep.<init>(KrbTgsRep.java:79)"

        There are two realms and KDC we have. XREALM.COM and US.XREALM.COM. An SPN CS/repo1 has been registered with a user in XREALM.COM. Using the JAAS code we got the TGT from US.XREALM.COM. After that we are requesting the service ticket for the SPN registered in XREALM.COM from US.XREALM.COM. Since both the domains XREALM.COM and US.XREALM.COM are trusted. We expected to get the service ticket successfully for the SPN.

        But we are hitting the error "KrbException: Message stream modified (41)". We used JRE 1.7 version but with no success.

        Can you please help us on this issue?
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