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    Signed Applet still throws an Access/security exception


      I Have created a Signed applet for web based audio recorder, we are getting the security warning certificate, but the problem is still the applet is throwing the same security exception:
      *"java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (javax.sound.sampled.AudioPermission record)".*

      Below is the code I am using in the applet

      1. TargetDataLine line = null;

      2. AudioFormat format = new AudioFormat(8000.0F, 8, 1, true, true);

      3. DataLine.Info info = new DataLine.Info(TargetDataLine.class, format);

      4. line = (TargetDataLine) AudioSystem.getLine(info);

      5.line.open(format, 10000);

      The exception is throwing at line number 5.

      The code used for signing the applet is :: creates a keystore database and generates the keys:

      keytool -genkey -alias audiorecorder -keystore compstore -keypass secure -dname "cn=jones" -storepass audio

      Sign the JAR File :: Code

      jarsigner -keystore compstore -storepass audio -keypass secure -signedjar SAudioRecorder.jar Audio_recorder.jar audiorecorder

      I don’t know why this is happening after signing the applet.
      What could be the problem here? Can anyone explain me as why this is happening? And how do I solve this problem?