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    Listener Hangs


      Apex Listener sometimes hangs at my server. Few minutes back it was running very fine. The last lines I saw at the console were:

      *** Found procedure in cache f*** Total number of arguments: 15p=4000:49:121109

      Oct 4 2010 10:18:58 pm com.sun.grizzly.http.KeepAliveThreadAttachment timeOut
      WARNING: Interrupting idle Thread: Grizzly-9090-WorkerThread(3)
      Oct 4 2010 10:19:55 pm com.sun.grizzly.http.KeepAliveThreadAttachment timeOut
      WARNING: Interrupting idle Thread: Grizzly-9090-WorkerThread(4)

      I was able to run Apex without Listener (modplsql with XE using myserver:8080/apex)

      It starts working again if I restart database or Listener (any one of them). I guess there is some parameter which I need to set with Listener configuration but don't know what is that?

      My Environment
      Oracle XE
      Centos 5.5
      Apex Listener with Embedded Web Container
      Listener Port: 9090
      Apex 4.01

      Please help me solving this problem.

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          No help?
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            Hi Habib,

            it seems you have some long running requests (uploads?) that run into timeout, which the Listener cannot handle (probably because it's a specific exception of the container).
            You could try to reconfigure it, e.g. to the values you had on your OHS. These two blogposts may give you a hint on the parameters to adjust concerning the GlassFish HTTP-Threadpool (the latter one especially for keep-alive-handling)