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    Memory viewer

      I want to develop a Memory Viewer application which displays memory contents starting at a specified address , it shows memory contents as the HEX format in a binary editor.How can i do it in java ? Do i need to use JNI for this functionality ?

      For more details:
      The expected functionality has to be similar to the one developed by CodeGuru site.Link is
      "http://www.codeguru.com/Cpp/controls/controls/article.php/c5229/ "

      Thanx In Advance
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          Why would you want to write such a tool in Java?
          Anybody who would use such a tool, is more likely to use C++ or such language.

          What feature are you looking for which a debugger does not give you?
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            We are developing debugger tool in which memory viewer is part of it.
            Suppose if we download a file to specific address of the target system.To check whether it is downloaded at same location we need Memory viewer.

            To download file we call exposed interfaces of native DLL using JNI.
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              Also check out www.java.net, they might have something as well.