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    Call a C++ services using an uuid from java

    Andrew TR
      I need to call a C++ services which is using the UUID for RPC. The interface is having the UUID. The previous client program is also in C++, they have used RpcBindingFromStringBinding(UUID value, .,.,.) to call the interface. Right now I need to call this service from Java using the UUID. Can anyone help me in it.
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          Passing the UUID should be the easy part, the tricky bit is performing an RPC from Java to C++. How are you doing that? Once you sort that out, passing arguments should be straight forward.

          Note: Java's RMI only works between a client server running RMI. To connect to C++ server, you need to use a Java client library which is compatible with your C++ server.

          If you still don't know how to perform the RPC call, I suggest you contact the people supporting the C++ program as they should know how RPC calls are made currently. If they don't know, it is highly unlikely we can guess a solution unless you are willing to change the C++ server to use a known RPC mechanism.