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    Multiple OEM agents installed

      Good morning all,

      Our test database is a single node db in Sun Microsystems Inc. (SunOS 5.10). The database version is We have an oem agent ( installed in this db server communicate with a 10g grid control. Everything is working fine. Now we are trying to migrate this db server under 11g grid control. So what we did is installing new version of agent ( into a different directory and configure this agent to talk to 11g grid control. So basically we have two agents installed in this db server. One is agent which is talking to 10g grid control and another agent which is talking with 11g grid control. Although both agents are running but we experience some issues: First, we noticed that all listeners in the server are in “Status Pending” in 11g grid control but actually all listeners are up. Second, a notification rule has been setup in 11g grid control to monitor one db instance and I purposely set the threshold very low so I can receive the alert email. But the all the alert emails actually comes from 10g grid instead of 11g where I set threshold very low. I am not sure how agent works internally so I am not sure if multiple agents will ever be work in one db server. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Any insights to share?

      Greatly appreciate your help!