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    PO Output for Communication

      Our business uses both English and French to conduct their daily business. There is a requirement to print the PO in French if the supplier's language preference is French but the user's preference is English. Similarly, if the user is logged in French but the supplier's language is English, everything on the PO including the data should print in English.

      We have modified the PO Output for Communication template to show the column names etc. in the language of the supplier but the data is still driven by the user's language preference.

      Just wondering if these are the only options we have:

      1. Alter PO Ouput for Communication to use the supplier's language preference for boilerplates and data, or
      2. Alter PO Approval workflow to generate document in supplier's language preference before sending or
      3. Call custom PO Output for Communication that uses supplier's language preference.

      Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.