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    End of Load Process


      I am writing a script and want to create a condition to evaluate when the BatchLoad process from FDM to HFM is complete. So for example, when the Batch Process has completed loading all the files to the target system, how can I know the Nth file has been loaded and use that "Completed" condition to kick off another part of the script?

      How can you know when the Batch process has completed loading all files to the target system? So after the statement below has processed completely, what parameters or values can I retreive from FDM to know I can move forward?

      BATCHENG.mFileCollectionProcessParallel BATCHENG.PcolFiles, CLng(lngProcessLevel), CLng(lngParallelProcessCount), CStr(strLoadBalanceServerName), , CBool(blnAutoMapCorrect)

      THanks for the help!

      - OutbackJack
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          You can capture the BatchID and keep checking for the BATCHPERCENTCOMPLETE in TBACTH to be all 1 for that BATCHID.
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            Hello Jack,

            As soon as that line you mentioned in your script processes, it will hold there until the workflow you outlined (lets say Up-To-Load) is completed. So in theory if you were to put something immediately following it; it would execute after the batch was completed.

            Thank you,
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