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    launch osgi from console

      Hello, I have implemented some bundles in eclipse. When i work with the eclipse interface, everything works fine, but now i want to launch osgi with my bundles just in the console, without any user interface. If i do that, nothing works, and i think that this is because of the working directory or any other path. I launch thte OSGI as follows
      java -jar org.eclipse.osgi.jar -console -configuration config_path
      Where config path is the path where my config.ini file is.

      In the eclipse interface, if i go to "run configurations", in the "Arguments" tab, in the section "working directory" i have choosen "Other", because there i have some useful files for my bundles. But the problem is that without using the eclipse interface i dont know how to reach that path an the files it contains.

      Does anybody know a solution for this issue?