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    Determining memory leak before OutOfMemoryException occurs

      Is there a way to determine if there is a memory leak (or other usage issue) in a JVM before an OutOfMemoryException occurs?

      It would be nice to be able to notify someone if a service is about to have a memory-related issue before it occurs (since when it does occur, it probably renders the service inoperable).

      My first approach was to calculate a percentage of memory used using Runtime methods (below) and based on that percentage notify on any percentage greater than a max amount.
      +(totalMemory() - freeMemory()) / maxMemory()+
      However, based on testing with the server hot spot Ive seen that this usage number can get pretty close to 100% before doing a full garbage collection which drops the usage down to below 40% (and continues to yo-yo like that over time). This pretty much renders this approach ineffective since it ends up notifying on normal operation.

      I didnt see a VM option that may help and having trouble coming up with an alternative approach. Am I missing something in the VM options or is there another approach I havent thought of?
      VM Options:

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