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    Method Inlining in HotSpot VM

      Hello Folks,
      in the recent past I read a lot of posts and papers about method inlining in the HotSpot VM (especially method inlinings based on invocations via invokevirtual). From what I read the JVM is able to inline even such methods when there is only one class which implements the referred interface (since there is only one possibility for the dynamic type of the interface reference). These information might be true. But I want to see it with my own eyes. Is there any JVM option which makes it easy to profile when a method is inlined at runtime? I found that the option -XX:+PrintInlining would be the one I have to use. But when I try to enable this option while starting the JVM in debug mode the following error occurs: "Unrecognized VM option ''+PrintInlining".

      Does anybody know what is going wrong? The version of my JVM is 1.6 (which should support this option).
      I'm also interested in any information (preferred scientific papers) about method inlining in the HotSpot JVM.

      Thank you very much...