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    Is there a way to view Hotspot output?

      The Sun Hotspot whitepaper (http://java.sun.com/products/hotspot/whitepaper.html#3) talks about various optimizations it performs. Is there a way to peek into the compiled code and see if the Java code we've written actually gets optimized the way it should as per the whitepaper?

      With JVMTI based profilers we can only get to see method level hotspots, which is sometimes not sufficient.

      There have been cases where the Hotspot fails or just decides not to optimize the code:
      1) http://blogs.azulsystems.com/cliff/2007/11/to-clone-or-not.html
      2) http://jroller.com/tackline/date/20040209#speed_through_smaller_methods

      Ashwin (http://javaforu.blogspot.com).