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    Cannot deploy HL7BC pass-through jsb - start error

      After having configured and built a HL7 BC pass-through I am now having problems deploying it on a glassfish esb. I am getting the following error.

      C:\Documents and Settings\als\My Documents\NetBeansProjects\HL7athenatohislisApp\nbproject\build-impl.xml:192: Start failure.
      BUILD FAILED (total time: 7 seconds)

      which refers to the following line:

      <jbi-deploy-service-assembly serviceAssemblyID="${jbi.service-assembly.id}" serviceAssemblyLocation="${basedir}/${dist.jar}" netBeansUserDir="${netbeans.user}" j2eeServerInstance="${j2ee.server.instance}"/>

      I have not received this error on similar projects, before.

      Any ideas?

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          a little extra info..I can see that it is a problem with sun-hl7-binding which fails to initialize.

          ERROR: Successful execution of Start: HL7athenatohislisApp
          WARNING: (JBIMA0405) Start of service assembly HL7athenatohislisApp succeeded partially; some service units failed to start.
          * Component: sun-hl7-binding
          ERROR: (HL7BC_INIT_1) HL7BC-E0159: Failed to initialize service unit HL7athenatohislisApp-sun-hl7-binding due to :
          * Component: sun-bpel-engine
          INFO: (JBIMA0409) Lifecycle operation start succeeded for Service Unit HL7athenatohislisApp-HL7athenatohislis.