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    Dynamically assign the file name for "on demand read"


      A quick question.

      I need to poll a directory using the on demand read function of the FB component, and change the file name in the BPEL process.

      Basically I need to dynamically overwrite the destination file name at runtime.

      These are the steps in my Process

      1. Pick up XML file,
      2. Assign a field in the xml file (fileName) to a variable (flatFileName)
      3. Poll a specific directory using onDemandRead and look for the fileName specified in the variable

      So obviously,
      I have tried to assign the variable flatFileName to the fileName property in the FB component of the readout variable. But it doesn't seem to work.

      Firstly I want to know if this is possible, and secondly, any idea on how to solve this issue.

      Thanks in advance